Quinces Videography Services

Our Quinces Videography Service consists in a complete "Quinceañera" experience kept forever in a DVD. Every quince event is unique, so we make individual preparations for each one. Our pre-production process begins with a face-to-face interview with our clients where we discuss and take notes about your unique quince event plans. At that moment we will gather all relevant information; dates, quince's locations, participants, desired music, activity information, etc.

Quinces events come in many sizes and we are ready to capture yours no matter how small or how big it is. We can customize a package for your quince event that will both fit your budget and that will capture it in the most elegant way.

Most packages include capturing the full event, so rest assured that any package you choose will be well worth it.

Once the shooting is over we begin the post-production process. We edit every quince event video like we edit movies. Dramatic openings, stunning background music, music to action synchronization, opening and closing credits, etc. We also customize your DVD with menus, pictures, and DVD extras!

After the complete process is over, you will have one of the most remarkable moments of your life saved forever in a professionally edited and designed DVD.



Movie-like Wedding & Event Video Services by Batista Productions
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