Skydiving Videography & Photography Services

We take videography and photography to a whole new heights with our
Skydiving Videography and Photography Service

Whether you want to get married in the sky, or simply take a jump out of a perfectly good airplane, we will capture your adventure on video and photos!

First we schedule your jump at our local skydiving center, Skydive Miami. There you will get properly trained and prepared for your 13,500FT jump.

We will capture your full jump experience; preparation, boarding of airplane, in-flight interview, full minute of freefall, parachute landing, and post-jump interview.

Once the shooting is over we begin the post-production process. We edit every skydive video like we edit adventure movies. Dramatic openings, stunning background music, music to action synchronization, opening and closing credits, etc. We also customize your DVD with menus, pictures, and DVD extras!

After the complete process is over, you will have one of the most remarkable moments of your life saved forever in a professionally edited and designed DVD.



Movie-like Wedding & Event Video Services by Batista Productions
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