About our Family Owned Production Company

Why Choose Us?

There are 3 major components when creating a GOOD video:

• Video Shooting Knowledge & Experience
• Editing Knowledge & Experience
• Creativity

With Batista Productions you get ALL THREE!


We have 14 years of non-combined Experience in Video Creation. We use top-of-the-line Video Equipment, as well as Award Winning Video Editing Software which we run thru video dedicated computers.

Movie-like Weddings and other Events

We make your special event look like a Hollywood style motion picture. Just imagine having a wedding video that not only will you want to watch over and over again, but all of your family and friends will actually enjoy watching! Your wedding is one of the most important events of your life; it is your own love story. We give your video the same feeling that romantic movies portray. Like other genres for your movie? Comedy? Drama? Action? We are able to customize your video to any genre you choose! It is your movie, and you are the star; simply let us know how you would like your final product to look like.

We can make any event video one that is enjoyable and fun to watch.

Family Owned and Operated

Our business is Family Owned and Operated. We know and deliver the level of quality, price, and dedication families expect. We work with any level of budget. Our packages’ structures have been designed to fit virtually any budget; from small and intimate weddings to large scale events.

Always Early

To our company, being On-Time is not good enough. We make every possible effort to be at the locations much earlier than required. Our scheduling system is very precise, so we will never forget to make it to our appointment whether it is on the day of the shoot, or just a simple consultation.


No matter which package or video service you choose, you will obtain great value for your purchase. Our services are priced with today’s economy in mind, and we understand that weddings, as well as many other events, don’t come cheap. Not to mention the level of stress that most of them cause. Therefore we give you the peace of mind that not only will you obtain a great level of service at a great price, but a quality one.


Movie-like Wedding & Event Video Services by Batista Productions

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